The New Piano Trio – who we are

Our Goal

The New Piano Trio is set out to redefine the reception of a classical formation. Three fearless musicians perform original compositions that draw from various musical fields. Not being held up by stylistic borders they electrify the audience with their unique sound and thrilling performance. A truly fresh and honest effort of taking a step forward in eliminating the borders of musical styles.




Florian Willeitner, Violin

Florian belongs to an endangered species of musicians. As a composer, arranger, interpreter and seeker he travels the world for half the year with a violin in his backpack, writing down all of the impressions that world makes upon his soul. He is a music intellectual as well as a folk musician and enjoys a complex fuge as much as a foot stomping folk tune. Whether in a pop song, jazz standard, classical chamber piece or a violin concerto, Florian’s music is always this: World Music in its most original sense. A language that one doesn’t need to know to understand.  

Maria Radutu, Piano

At first glance Maria is a successful classical pianist. Look a little closer and you will see the very profile of a unique musician who rather than buying into the commercial music industry has instead developed her brilliant technique and artistic craftsmanship through well thought-out programing and unusual concepts for her concerts and CDs. All of which have taken her beyond the realm of mere virtuosity and perfection, without losing either.  

Ivan Turkalj, Cello

Ivan plays his cello in every possible way; early music, new music, pop, indie rock or classical, half naked or in a bow-tie, it’s always the same musician on stage living his life of endless musical variety. Through his uncompromising playing he achieves a deep symbiosis of all different styles, never superficial and always entrancing.

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