NP3 & I Love Pop – Two album Download


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Best offer: both of our albums for a reduced price of 15€ instead of 20€.

Album 1: NP3

Album 2: I <3 Pop



Get both our Albums as WAV or mp3.

Album 1: NP3 

New Piano Trio Turns Listening Expectations Upside Down with Debut Album

This could be music for the chamber music concert hall or for the main stage of the Burghausen Jazz Week. For the Passau Festspiele European Weeks, or for an open air rock concert that would truly like to offer something new. The right amount of chutzpah is contained in this music and in the aspiration of getting young people excited about contemporary classical music.

Album 2: I <3 Pop 

is a declaration of love for the true essence of the Pop-Movement. Strong statements, poetic imagery and deeply felt emotions are manifested through surprisingly simple music. New Piano Trio dances with effortless virtuosity from one genre to the next.

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