I LOVE Pop is a declaration of love for the true essence of the Pop-Movement. Strong statements, poetic imagery and deeply felt emotions are manifested through surprisingly simple music. New Piano Trio dances with effortless virtuosity from one genre to the next.

The key to rhythmic complexity in music is to keep it smooth. “The result is poetry, pure poetry” says composer/violinist Florian Willeitner. The Trio’s pianist Alexander Wienand sees is as the creation of “classical Pop-Hits” while cellist Ivan Turkalj prefers to call it “Poplex Music”. In the end, it doesn’t matter how you describe it because when New Piano Trio lays it down, you’ll be left speechless anyway.

Irish Wedding in Bukarest


The heart of this debut album comes in form of two multi-movement piano trios, framed by two other pieces, all written by violinist Florian Willeitner. The titles of each trio`s movements alone indicate a unusual musical experience. The opener “Irish Wedding in Bukarest“ deserves the award “most groovy chamber music imaginable“. The sounds transition seamlessly between catchy Irish Folk and post- modernism.

The list of movements of Piano Trio No. 2 reads as follows: Portrait/ Scherz- One for the Road/Song-Choral-Transformation of Hearts/Fuga in Odd. This juxtaposition of classical form and folk or jazz idioms is the essence of this music. The New Piano Trio showcases all this with striking authority: The stringend contrapunctual “Fuga in Odd“ merges baroque elegance and polyphony with fiery eastern rhythms. Meanwhile some of the slower movements like “Portrait“ seem to have been secretly kissed by the ghosts of Bartok and Ravel.

Throughout the entire range of such repertoire this trio takes you along a journey full of vivid images, subtle nuances, modern sonority, artfully virtuosity and touching moments of tender affection alike. But first and foremost you are hearing “the most groovy chamber music imaginable“.